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muleWe move Portable Buildings, and Storage Sheds. Corpus Christi Portable Building & Transport LLC serves Aransas Pass and the surrounding South Texas area. As a driver for a Big Box store, I learned the trade of building and moving  portable buildings and garden sheds. I also saw how customers were “played” and sold extras they did not need. Once they had your money, they pushed you to the “back burner” and you would get your building at their convenience.  If a problem came up with your building or relocation, “the factory”, or “corporate” would be blamed.  They took no local accountability.  I saw enough and knew I could do better, that was 22 years ago. When you call I answer the phone, sometimes my brother Ken Thomas will answer and he will assist you and answer any questions you may have about Corpus Christi Portable Buildings and the services we provide. We are one of the few companies that moves sheds and other small portable buildings.

Storage Shed Mover

Corpus Christi Portable Building & Transport LLC is a local shed moving company that uses the latest equipment in storage shed delivery techniques. Our shed delivery “Mule”, I call him Pepe, will ensure that putting your portable building or garden shed in place goes as smoothly as possible.  Rather than driving a heavy truck and trailer into your lawn the “Mule” shed mover will maneuver your storage shed into your backyard, and place it on the prepared spot of your choice.  This method greatly reduces the chances of damage to your property, and makes placement easier.  Check out the video below, and you will understand Pepe.  Here is a small list of what we can move: 

  • Garden Sheds
  • Storage Sheds
  • Tool Sheds
  • Blocked and Leveled Portable Buildings
  • Playhouses
  • Conex Shipping Containers

Our goal at Corpus Christi Portable Building & Transport is to utilize the best in portable building moving, relocating, and transporting.  We can move most garden sheds, existing portable buildings such as Morgan, Derksen, BP, Chaparral, Tuff Shed, Premier and other playhouses and small buildings. You can also purchase from our stock of new or used buildings.  Before you buy a new or used building from anyone, call or text me and I will help you in any way I can.  Let me give you a free estimate to move most small buildings you may have purchased or want to purchase.  Just give me a call at (361) 774-0279  for a free estimate for you moving, relocating or purchasing needs.


There are two ways a portable building/shed can be moved. You can hire a professional like Corpus Christi Portable Building & Transport LLC who utilizes a “Mule” as shown in Video One, or hire 18 men as shown in Video Two.

And remember “Watch your fingers!”


Video One                                                                                Video Two

                               “Pepe the Mule”                                                                “18 Men Hired”

If you are looking for a professional storage shed mover in Aransas Pass, then you have come to the right place. We have a portable building relocation expert so that moving portable buildings is done quickly, safely  and at the lowest cost to you. Don’t delay and call today!

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